Friday, January 27, 2006

Mattie Rhodes Center's Nuestra Familia office has moved.

From the Northeast News

"We're looking forward to meeting with the Nuestra Familia staff at their new and much bigger headquarters. "Our Family" is the Northeast office of the Mattie Rhodes Center (over on the West Side since 1894) and has moved from the Children's Memorial Lutheran Church across from the Northeast Middle School to the former Bethany Baptist Church education building at Scarritt and Topping, just diagonal to James Elementary School. The Larabee family got the vacant building cleaned up after it was started years ago by another group with a youth center dream, and I'm sure the Spanish-language mental health services, counseling and visual arts offered by Mattie Rhodes will be a welcome addition to Indian Mound."

Source: Northeast News - January 4, 2006

For more information on services available at Mattie Rhodes Center call: 816.471.2536 (Westside) or 816.241.3780 (Northeast)